Medical Diagnostic Testing for Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan

At our Livonia office, we offer different types of Medical Diagnostic testing. If you are not familiar with the term; Medical Diagnostics Testing is the process to determine and identify the possible disorders or diseases. A person gets a medical diagnostic test after they develop symptoms of a particular disease or condition.

Most of our diagnostic testing is non-invasive where the patient has little or no discomfort. Subsequently, you may require more invasive diagnostics because they provide a definitive diagnosis.  It is extremely important to get a medical diagnostic test to confirm that you if you have a problem or better yet; get a clean bill of health.  We use many forms of medical diagnostic testing at our Livonia Michigan Medical Clinic.  Some of our medical diagnostic testings include; Ultrasound testing, Echocardiogram, Mammography, Bone Density Testing, Stress Testing, Nuclear Studies, Stress Echoes, Bone Scanning, Thyroid Scan, HIDA Scan, X-ray, Electrocardiogram, Phlebotomy, Pulmonary function tests and EMG testing.

We offer these tests in our Livonia Michigan office and we also offer Medical Diagnostic testing to all Metro Detroit and Southeastern Michigan at our Westland Clinic.  If this location is more convenient for you please contact our Westland Michigan office to schedule an appointment for a Medical Diagnostic test.