What Triggers Springtime Allergies?

That doesn’t mean that weather change is off the hook as a cause for allergies. There is also non-allergic rhinitis, which tends to get people mixed up because it generally occurs at the same time of year that allergic rhinitis does, when pollen makes its yearly debut in groves.

At-Home Tips for Treating Your Insomnia

When it comes to treating you insomnia, drugs don’t have to be answer. They tend to have side effects and some people are just plain uncomfortable using them. So if you’ve been desperate to get better sleep at night, give one of these tips a try:

Steer Clear of Frostbite or Hypothermia

If you encounter someone who has been exposed to freezing temperatures for very long periods of time and notice them shivering excessively, replacing their wet clothing with dry clothing and covering their head and body in warm blankets can help fight against hypothermia.

Protect Yourself From the Norovirus This Winter!

Have you ever heard of the Norovirus? As we get deeper into the heart of winter, this serious stomach bug is popping up more and more, all over the country including right here in Michigan. The Norovirus is not your average flu. It can infect both children and adults of all ages (although it tends to […]