Pain Management & Rehabilitation Westland

Dr. Victor Gordon is a Physiatrist, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  This branch of medicine deals with the consequences of disease processes, developmental and congenital abnormalities as well as trauma, in terms of diagnosis and treatment.   The major focus being to increase your function and decrease pain.  This type of medical care assists in achieving relief of pain, minimizing functional impairments and achieving desired daily and vocational goals

Pain Management & Rehabilitation

We focus on treating the whole person with a dedicated team of professionals. As Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians, we will diagnose and treat pain from injuries to muscles, bone, tendons as well as a variety of physical and medical conditions.

Here are some of the hallmarks of a PM&R physician:

  • Diagnose pain resulting from injury, disabling condition or illness and then treat it
  • Focus the treatment on patient function
  • With a team of professionals; determine and lead a treatment and pain prevention plan
  • Optimize patient care with a highly qualified team that include physical and occupational therapists
  • Working with a patient’s primary care doctor and other specialist a part of treating the whole person

The treatment for pain and management by a Physiatrist depends on the type of illness, injury or condition. Some of those treatments might include; joint injections, nerve stimulators and other PM&R treatment. Services like; Nerve conduction studies, disability assessment and medicaolegal consulting may be employed by some Physiatrists.

Contact us at our Westland or Livonia pain management clinic to setup an appointment to discuss pain management for your injury, illness or disabling condition.