Phlebotomy Westland, Livonia MI

Phlebotomy in Michigan, also known as venipuncture, is the process in which blood is being collected for examination or as a donation in a clinical laboratory. These blood tests are used to recognize an illness, evaluate the performance of medications, and regulate whether a patient is receiving the appropriate nourishment’s.

Making sure the patient is comfortable before and during the phlebotomy procedure in Westland, MI is essential especially if they’re afraid of needles. In order to gather the blood from the vein, Livonia phlebotomists must first utilize a tourniquet to the bicep to slow down the blood flow. Phlebotomy MI then disinfects a tiny area near your elbow and inserts the needle.

Contamination of a blood sample can lead to serious results. Phlebotomists in Livonia must guarantee that all utensils are correctly sanitized before using it to collect blood. Proper storage, careful transportation, and precise labeling are all key obligations in the phlebotomy Michigan procedure.

Millennium Medical Group West specialize in giving phlebotomies in the Livonia and Westland, MI area. Here, were are very careful and accurate when taking blood tests. Contact us for a phlebotomy diagnose today.