Summer Colds and Allergies

Now that winter is over and the weather is getting warmer, that does not mean you are in the clear as far as colds go. Summer colds are very common and viruses that cause colds can exist all year round.  These summer colds can cause congestion, runny nose, scratchy throat or itchy eyes. As a Michigan resident, you are probably well aware of long a summer cold can linger and might wish to see one of our doctors at the Westland or Livonia clinics.

Some summer colds can take up to 10 days to fully exit the body. There are some actions you can take to help prevent and combat summer colds such as, keep your hands clean, wash them as often as possible, also having hand sanitizer available often helps. Drinking plenty of fluids and getting proper amounts of rest helps keep your body healthy.

Summer colds can be a pain but with proper treatment by a local doctor, and with rest, you can overcome these annoying colds. Another annoyance that happens during the warmer months is Allergies.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from allergies, you are well aware how annoying they can be.  Just like a summer cold, allergies can really dampen the fun you want to have during your Michigan summer vacation.

Allergies can cause breathing problems, coughing, headaches, itching, runny nose, hives and much more. The good news is there are ways to combat these pesky allergies. With proper tests and treatment by a qualified cold and allergy doctor here in Westland and Livonia Michigan, you can get your life back and step out from under the allergy cloud.

At Westland Clinic our doctors can help you with a Summer Cold or Allergies!  With over 40 years of experience, let our well trained professional staff helps you feel better so you can be back out, enjoying your summer! Give us a call today at 734.728.2130 for our Westland location or at 248.474.2220 for our Livonia Michigan location.

Let us help you regain your summer!