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Back-to-School Physicals and Vaccinations

With the new school year approaching, there are three important things your child needs to have prior to starting school: new clothes, new supplies, and a back-to-school physical/vaccinations. As your child is growing up, their bodies begin to change. Soon, they will hit the puberty stage. Having your child visit their physician every year before school starts back up in the fall is a great annual routine to have.

Going to the doctor’s office for a back-to-school checkup or for vaccinations is the bgirl-with-plaster-and-missing-tooth-1-630428-mest way to prevent diseases for your child. By simply getting a vaccination, it not only helps build up your child’s immune system but it makes them healthier. School physicals also have its benefits as well as vaccinations. Each visit, you get to see your child’s progress in height and weight. Their doctor will even check inside of their mouths, ears, and listen for their pulse to make sure it’s steady.

At Westland Clinic, we have all of the latest immunizations along with the latest technology to use on your child. To avoid any viruses or flus, make an appointment with us today!  What better way to start off the school year than to be healthy? Call us now at our Westland clinic (734.728.2130) or at our Livonia location (248.474.2220). Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQS!!