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    Been a patient at the clinic for several years. Excellent care by Dr. Elias, then Dr. Baroff. Love this clinic!

    Kristin E Cope

    I’ve waited 2-3 hours for Dr. Elias in the waiting area. Then waiting another (??) in the room. Dr. Elias comes in for 10 minutes and leaves you and never comes back. I’m finding another doctor ASAP. Have never understood why the wait is so long when he doesn’t spend more than 10-15 minutes with you. Totally disappointed.


      Dear Diana,
      We regret your experience, however, Dr. Elias left our practice at the Westland Clinic in September. Your experience must have been at his new office. We would be happy to schedule your next appointment with one of our physicians.

      millennium medical Post author

    I was squeezed in today as a new patient and was given Dr. Baroff. Let me first start by saying, i am now making him my PCP. He is by far the BEST doctor i have ever been to. He listened to everything i had to say, took me very seriously, was extremely thorough, and made sure he had my approval and was comfortable with any tests or treatments he offered. On top of that he treated me as an equal, not just another patient. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with him as a doctor. 10 out of 10 would recommend him. Also, as far as the practice goes, from the phone call to set up my appointment as a new patient, to my experience today, all of the staff were very kind and respectful and i was taken care of promptly. The woman who took my xrays even took her time to discuss radiology and gave insight and suggestions, as well as answer any questions, as i told her i am thinking of pursuing that as a career. Id like to add that i hated going to doctors prior to this and wouldn’t go unless extremely necessary, but this experience has completely changed my attitude. In closing, if you are considering going to them as your healthcare provider, do it, you wont be sorry, and ask for Dr. Baroff.

    Brandi L.

      Yes! Dr Baroff has been my doctor for over 10 years. He always makes time to answer all my questions and makes sure I am completely satisfied with each visit. Can’t say enough good things about him. The clinic is always clean and pleasant to visit. The staff is top notch and always friendly and helpful.

      Suzanne Wright

    My doctor is Dr. Elias the best doctor I have every had. He listens to all of your health issues before directing you on the right path and trust me Dr Elias will help you. Me and my husband love is honesty of diagnosis . So if you’re looking for an new doctor he is your guy he has been our doctor for over 25 years. He knows that he works for you and not the system.


    Westland Clinic is a wonderful family practice. The staff is friendly and the doctors are great. They listen to you. Dr. Baroff has helped me so much since I met him in 2013. I trust him completely and I am one that never went to the doctor. You won’t be disappointed if you select them for your doctors.

    Norma Stilwell

    I have never met a doctor as compassionate as Dr. Michael Silverstone. He is very thorough as well. Most doctors rush you out of their office and don’t seem to care about your welfare but not Dr. Silverstone. The whole staff is very friendly and personable. I would highly recommend this doctor and I am very picky. I like how he explains things in detail and gives you the option to choose which way you want to go in your treatment. He is highly intelligent and has found things that other doctors missed.

    Melissa Geb

    The Westland clinic is great! The staff works very hard to make you feel well! Dr. Michael Silverstone is very through when it comes to complete physicals! Dr. Baroff and Dr. Elias are very professional when it comes to diabetes and weight loss! And Jackie makes me think of my grandma with her personal touch. All and all I’m very satisfied at the Westland clinic!

    Jason Sczynski!

    Dr. Elias is truly a gem. When it comes to doctors that actually care about their patients he cannot be beat. I highly recommend Dr. Elias and am so glad he is at the Westland Clinic. The office staff are also very helpful.

    Anonymous Paatient

    I’ve been in search of a good PCP for a few years. Ever since getting put on disability and having to switch over to medicaid, the number of options has been very limited. Due to my health, I have lupus, having a PCP is a must. Even though my Rheumatologists is treating the lupus, lupus causes a lot of other problems that need to be addressed by other specialist. When you see a lot of different doctors, having a gate keeper is KEY. You need a PCP who will look at the whole picture and not just one symptom at a time. Ive been sick all my life and now, at 28, the frustration and sadness can easily take over my mind and body. one of the most difficult things was that my pcp was ER happy. Anytime i had an issue, the office would send me directly to the ER without looking at me first. Even for VERY simple things such as a post op infection, strep throat, bladder infections, etc. But due to my medicaid i was stuck with him. It was at that time i decided to start looking for a difference PCP. After seeing a few different Doctors, (interviewing them more or less) i came across Dr. Baroff. Expecting another let down, i called and scheduled a new patient appointment. Even though I was a new patient, to my surprise they scheduled me for the very next day. Still, i made sure not to get my hopes up. Upon arrival, i waited in the lobby for about 10minutes. After giving a brief history to the nurse, she exited and the wait to see Dr. Baroff began. And then, no more than a few minutes later, the wait ended as Dr Baroff entered. As mentioned before, Ive been in an out of the hospital since i was 4 months old. I have had pretty much anything and everything illness wise, i have had more procedures and more surgeries than birthdays. I’m on a ton of different medication and to most physicians are to scared or not educated enough to take on my case. Dr. Baroff, gave me the floor and I told him everything. He proceeded to exam me and then we discussed a plan. He told me he would talk to all my Doctors personally and they would come up with a plan together. He told me he was going to run a bunch of tests and get a better idea, biologically,of what is going on. He discussed my medications with me and offered some advice on each of my medications. He asked really intelligent questions, and all in all, by far, made me feel important and heard. He produced an overwhelming feeling in me that made the frustration and sadness completely disappear. I am SO thankful to have found such an amazing doctor. I will recommend him forever. I honestly don’t feel hopeless anymore, I see a great treatment plan in place, and I feel as though I am safe and protected. There is not one thing I can think of that is negative. Dr. Baroff people..You will NOT be disappointment.

    Laura T

    Office staff and physicians provide top quality medical care. Staff and doctors in this office are extremely compassionate, dedicated, involved in the community & actually take the time to listen to the patients, & do not rush away. Staff and Dr’s conform to the technical or ethical standards of their profession. They exhibit courteous, conscientious, and businesslike manner in the office.
    The office staff provides excellent customer service. The nursing staff provides friendly, compassionate profesional Care. My husband and myself both are blessed to receive our medical care at Brentwood and will continue to do so. I have seen many doctors in my life time and these doctors are the best. They have saved my life several times!


    Friendly staff that I have ever had experience at a doctors office. Always looks like they enjoy what they do and have a smile on their face which is always what I look at when I go to a new office because that is my first impression. The doctor I saw was thorough and listened to what I had to say without rushing out of the room. I was due for my annual mammogram and instead of having to drive to another building I was put in the same day and it was done right in the office and did not have to wait long. I was very impressed and will continue to follow up with this office.


    I’ve been diabetic for 18 years, and it is very difficult to get blood from me, and can be quite painful. The staff listened to my recommendations on how to do it, and both times have been successful without causing me pain or bruising. That’s rare!


    The office staff and physicians provide top quality customer service. Compassionate and hardworking are how I would describe both the staff and physicians. Very family oriented business. This office has been providing the medical needs for my family for the past three years and will continue to well into the future.

    Erica L.

    I was sent to Westland clinic from my doctor for an ultrasound. The staff was so friendly and made me feel comfortable. I did not even have to sit down before I was taken back to have my ultrasound done, which took about 5 minutes.


    I have worked with the girls in the office on a number of occassions, and they provide top of the line customer service! No better place for my medical needs.

    Steve Markey

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