Bone Scan Michigan

When searching for a facility that provides bone scan Michigan, look no further than Westland Clinic. A bone scan is an test that shows areas of decreased or increased bone turnover. The process of a bone scan involves injecting small amounts of radioactive materials into the patients veins.

Bone Scan Livonia Michigan

A bone scan can test for cancer that may have spread to the bones and help monitor problems such as trauma to bones or infection. Bone scan is much more thorough than regular X-ray and can help detect problems much earlier than a X-ray can.

After the radioactive tracer is injected into the blood stream, there are area that absorb little amounts of the tracer and appear as dark spots. This may indicate a lack of blood supply to the bone or maybe certain types of cancer.

The tracer once injected into your body, usually takes one to four hours to absorb into the bones. During this time, you will need to drink several glasses of water, this will flush the radioactive material not collected in your bones. During the scan you will need to make sure you have no metal objects at all.

After the test, you will be able to go back to your everyday activities, including driving. There is usually no side effects from the procedure. But you maybe instructed to drink lots of water for a 24 to 48 hour time period afterwards. Contact our doctors at either of our offices in Livonia or Westland, Michigan today to schedule your bone scan.

Bone Scan Michigan