Coping with Spring Allergies

Allergies: Pollen in the air. Dogs in the house. Mold everywhere. With spring comes warmer weather, however for some, it also comes with horrible allergies. People with allergies tend to have it the worst during this time of the year because this is the season where pollen flourishes the most. Depending on where you live, […]

How to Prepare For Your Beach Bound Spring Break Vacation

If you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere sunny and tropical for your spring break vacation, we’re very jealous. You’ll be able to enjoy time on the beach in the sun getting a tan. Unfortunately, this can also lead to sunburns, dehydration, and sun poisoning. In the short term these are awful to deal with, but […]

Michigan Medical Center With Phlebotomy and Ultrasounds

When it comes to care you need a medical center that offers a wide array of services such as phlebotomy or ultrasounds. Many of us know what an ultrasound is, but some are not quite sure what phlebotomy is.  Phlebotomy is the process of puncturing a vein with a needle, usually to extract blood. The staff that performs this task […]

Persistent Cold, Or Winter Allergies?

Your Sniffing and Sneezing may be caused by winter allergies. Have you been struggling with a cold for more than a week? Have your sinuses been stuffed, eye’s itchy, coupled with sneezing and fatigue? Maybe that winter cold you think you have may not be a cold at all but in fact winter allergies. Winter […]

How to Care for the Elderly During Winter

The winter season can be a challenge when taking care of the elderly, especially those who have mobility complications. However, some of these risks can be minimized or even, eliminated, with the help of elderly care information and advice. The cold, ice and snow that is prevalent in Michigan can be treacherous for anyone, but […]