Echocardiogram Diagnostic Testing At Detroit Medical Offices

A echocardiogram is also known as a type of ultrasound test. This test evaluates the structures of the heart and the blood flowing through it, by using high-pitched sound waves sent through a transducer. The device catches the echoes of the sound waves from them bouncing off different parts of the heart.

Our Specially trained technicians at both Livonia and Westland Medical Offices produce images and videos from the echocardiogram before our Cardiologists and heart specialists evaluate these image and videos to report the results to patients.

There are four different types of Echocardiograms;

  1. Transthoracic Echocardiogram – The most common type. A device called a transducer is placed on the chest wall, it bounces sound waves off the different structures of the heart, the signals are converted into images on a screen to be analyzed.
  2. Transesophageal Echocardiogram – A transducer probe is inserted in the mouth down the esophagus. The sound waves travel through the esophagus next to the heart. (Sedation could be required for this test)
  3. Stress Echocardiogram – The Exercise test. Shows results on how the heart responds to the exertion of energy during exercise. A medicine could also be inserted into the body to exert the heart beat for the test.
  4. Doppler Echocardiogram – Measures the direction of the blood flow through the chambers, valves and blood vessels of the heart.

A Echocardiogram could be done for different reasons;

  • To check the heart valves and how they are working
  • Measure the chambers of the heart
  • Look for causes of abnormality in heart sounds, pains and breath
  • To analyse how much blood the heart is pumping
  • Detect diseases of the heart and how it is pumping blood
  • To see how an artificial heart is operating

Electrocardiogram Livonia Michigan

Our Cardiologists can also use a stress echo tests and electrocardiograms to trace functions of your heart. The Heart Institute has extensive experience with electrocardiograms in Michigan.   Please contact The Heart Institute of Millennium Medical Clinic where  all of these Diagnostic testings are performed.