X-Ray Medical Clinics Livonia Michigan

The purpose of an x-ray is to examine any part of your body that is either in pain or to monitor the progression of a disease. Different types of x-rays in Livonia, MI can be performed for specific purposes. A few reasons why your doctor may want to carry out an x-ray on your body is because of the conditions you may have including:

  • arthritis
  • fractures
  • bone cancer
  • infections
  • breast tumors
  • digestive issues

To prepare for a diagnostic x-ray in Livonia, Westland Clinic recommends that youx-ray08-32267-m wear loose fitting clothing. Make sure that your clothes are comfortable to move around in before coming to your appointment. Once you arrive, you will be asked to remove any and all jewelry from your body before the x-ray is performed. You may also be asked to change into a
gown. Wearing such jewelry or any metal implants can block the x-rays from passing through your body.

Depending on what type of x-ray you’ll receive will determine what type of seating position your doctor will ask for you to be in. You may either be asked to sit, lie, or stand as several images will be taken over an area of your body. In order to capture the images to your radiologist’s liking, you will have to remain still along and this includes holding your breath.

After your x-ray test is performed near Livonia at our medical clinic, you are allowed to change back into your normal, comfortable clothes. Your doctor and radiologist will then explain to you the condition you have and hopefully, the results within the same day. Once your doctor reviews your report from the radiologist, he/she will then know how to proceed next.

At Westland Clinic, we offer x-ray scans done to your body. Being surrounded by a friendly environment, our doctors and staff make it a must that our patients are always comfortable and satisfied. If you Live in Livonia and need any x-rays done, contact us today! We are always accepting new patients. Contact us today to set up your appointment now.