Child and Teen Growth and Development Redford, MI

Each year children and teens go throughChild-development in Redford different phases of growth and development. Schools in Redford,  MI tend to require children to receive a physical for enrollment or sports participation to record health status prior to the school year. Every child grows at a different rate, but there are things that doctors at Millenium Medical Group look for to make sure they are on the right track for proper growth.

Doctor Examinations for Preteens and Younger

Elementary age children between the ages of 6-9 go through changes involving coordination, attention span, and speech and vision improvements. Our doctors in Redford/Livonia area, will give your preteen (tween) a thorough examination and record your child’s status. Then discuss with you whether they are on track or need improvement in some areas. Mental, physical, and emotional health are all very important areas in child development. As your child grows, ages 9-12, doctors will look for their improvement in these same areas as well as monitoring their advancement towards puberty.

Teenagers During Adolescents

Adolescent aged teens go through the most dramatic changes during their life. This is the most challenging time for a teen as they go from being a child it a young adult, also known as puberty. Both physical and mental health is very important during adolescence. It is important to visit a local Redford doctor for an annual physical during adolescent years to make sure everything is on track or to address any concerns you may have as a parent.

As well as monitoring child or teen growth and development, Millenium Medical Group also offers preventative care, or care when your child is sick or injured. We understand that finding or switching to a new family physician can be difficult. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have about your child or teens health.

Millenium Medical Group offers two convenient locations for children, teens, or families living in Redford, MI. Livonia or Westland Clinic provide outstanding medical care in the Redford or South Redford area.