Schedule Your Student Sports Physicals!

The school year is beginning soon and NOW is the time to get your student sports physical for fall sports! Call 734.728.2130 now for an appointment! 

Your child or children are anticipating this upcoming school year and looking forward to playing their favorite sports again. The sports physical is something the students anticipate less. It is up to you the parents to make sure that your children are physically ready for sports. There is some misconception that a annual physical examination is the same as sports physical for students. Sports physicals specifically look for things that will affect your child playing sports and help to prevent sport injuries.

What is a sports physical for students and what can I can expect from a sports physical at Westland Clinic ?

During student sports physicals, the doctor looks at the family history to see if students are prone to diseases.  The doctor also looks to see if your child has any injuries or diseases that would put them at risk by playing sports or that could limit the amount of activity that they can handle.

Some problems they try to detect are :sport physicals for students

  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy
  • Vision or hearing problems
  • Genital exam for hernias in males

When or where should a student sports physical be performed?

Ideally, sports physicals for students should be scheduled 6-8 weeks before the season starts.This is to provide time for follow up appointments if needed for treating a condition or doing another exam to clear the student to play. The fall sports season begins soon. Schedule your Metro Detroit Michigan sports physical at the Westland Clinic today!