Doctor Visits at Medical Centers For Children in Redford

As a parent, we know that children bring unexpected doctor visits over the course of their life. From injuries to illnesses, doctor visits at medical centers for children in Redford or Livonia, Michigan can become frequent. Finding local health care you can trust is important for you and your family. Westland Clinic near Redford and Livonia offers quality health care for young children or teens.

5 Most Common Doctor Visits for Children

There are definitely more than just five reasons why a child may have to visit the doctor before becoming an adult. The five most common reasons parents schedule a doctor’s appointment at medical centers  in Michigan are:

  1. Common Cough– Whether it is a wet mucus filled cough or a dry raspy cough, after a few days of hearing your child suffer, it may be time to schedule a visit to your local family doctor. A persistent cough in a child can be a sign or symptom of something more serious, such as asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, or a common cold or flu. Coughing is one of the leading reasons why parents will schedule a visit at their local medical center.
  2. child or teen doctor for broken armBroken Bones or  Joint Sprains– Children run and play almost every day both in and out of school. Maybe your child has taken a hard fall and has been complaining that a joint is very sore or tender. Due to discoloration, swelling, or deformation, it may be clear to the eye that your child has a broken bone. In that case, you might want to head to the emergency room. Sometimes, however, the appearance and level of pain don’t make it so obvious.  Making a doctor’s appointment at Westland Clinic for your child makes more sense and costs a lot less.
  3. Pink Eye– When it comes to younger children, pink eye is very common, especially in elementary aged children. As hard as we may try to teach our children proper hand washing and hygiene, younger children may still struggle when you are not with them at school to constantly remind them.  Viral or Bacterial Pink Eye is the result of irritants or bacteria entering the eye or surrounding area. Pink eye is very contagious so seeking medical attention for proper medical diagnosis and treatment is important. Typically pink eye in children can be resolved with a simple antibiotic, allowing a child or teen to return to school within 24 hours.
  4. Ear Infections– Many times children will develop an ear infection after a cold or sinus infection. When fluid gets trapped in the ear canal it can become very painful for children. You may notice your child rubbing their ear frequently or complaining that their ear hurts. It is important to seek treatment at your child’s health care provider in Redford. By doing this, you can prevent further complications resulting from an ear infection.
  5. High Fever- High fevers are very common among school age children. From the typical growth spurt to illnesses floating around school, there are many causes for a high fever. Sometimes it is hard to know when to seek medical attention for your child’s fever. It is recommended that after giving your child a pain medicine with fever reducer, if the temperature does not drop within an hour, to call your child or teen’s doctor. At medical centers near Redford like the Westland Clinic, a doctor’s appointment is a simple call away.   If left untreated a high fever can cause severe problems in children or teens.

Looking for a Medical Center near Redford?

Westland Clinic offers high-quality health care for children and teens in Redford, as well as Livonia and their surrounding communities. To schedule an appointment for your child or teen, call 734.728.2130 or contact us for more information.