Why Get an EKG or Electrocardiogram?

If you are experiencing chest pains or other symptoms that are often associated with heart disease, it may time to ask your doctor if an EKG or Electrocardiogram test is right for you. Depending on what your symptoms are leading up to, an EKG can be a lifesaving procedure, pointing out problems that can be addressed by your Westland Clinic or Livonia doctor.

So, what is an EKG? An EKG or Electrocardiogram is a test designed to record the electrical activity in one’s heart. This is a simple, non-invasive test that is executed by placing sticky monitors on your skin which are connected to a bunch of wires going to a computer. The computer will record the electrical signals each time your heart beats. An EKG monitors the following:ekg-line

  • the speed of your heartbeat
  • whether your heart’s rhythm is regular or irregular
  • the timing and strength of the electrical signals as they pass through various parts of your heart

EKG’s are commonly used to detect potential heart attack risks, arrhythmia, or signs of heart failure. There are other disorders that can be detected by using a simple, painless Electrocardiogram

If you are a resident of Livonia, Westland, Garden City, Redford, or Dearborn and think an EKG may be beneficial to you, contact Westland Clinic today to schedule your appointment with one of our doctors. After consultation, your doctor will be able to tell you if he or she feels as if it would be the proper step to take based on your conditions or concerns.