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Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Pain Management Westland Michigan

Pain Management is a branch of medicine that takes the proper approach to improve the quality of life by easing pain and suffering of those individuals who live with pain.

Our Pain Management Doctor specializes in pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation. He deals with the effects of diseases and their processes, pains and diseases that have developed in the body, congenital abnormalities and traumas that have happened. These determine the diagnosis and treatment to be provided.pain clinic doctor westland michigan

The pain management goal is to increase your physical function and decrease the pain in your body.

Our Pain Management Doctor focuses on assisting you in achieving relief of pain, minimizing physical impairments and helping you achieve your goals getting you back to your job and daily routine.

Call our Westland Medical Clinic location to get more information on Pain Management. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our Medical Clinic Doctors to get referred to our Pain Management Doctor.

It’s Not to Late for a Flu Shot!

Flu season is rapidly approaching as the weather changes here in Michigan. As we walk through grocery stores, school halls, or malls we hear sneeze after sneeze, cough after cough, or see kids running around with runny noses. Sure, these may just be symptoms of a common cold, but as germs are spread, the flu virus may be on board!

It is recommended that everyone receive a flu shot to help prevent the flu this year. The occurrence of the flu is predicted to be more than last year. Ensuring that you are doing everything that you can to prevent yourself from getting the flu is important.

Contact our Westland Clinic – Millennium Medical Group today to schedule your flu shot or speak with a doctor about the flu shot today.

flu-shot in Westland