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How to Care for the Elderly During Winter

The winter season can be a challenge when taking care of the elderly, especially those who have mobility complications. However, some of these risks can be minimized or even, eliminated, with the help of elderly care information and advice. The cold, ice and snow that is prevalent in Michigan can be treacherous for anyone, but especially for seniors.

Elderly care in winter

Geriatric Care Tips

Here are a few tips for geriatric care givers, children caring for their elderly parents or seniors caring for themselves:

  1. Have emergency kits accessible in their homes. Every senior emergency kit should include a flashlight, blanket, radio, batteries, non-perishable food items, and water. It is important that if they take prescription medication, that they should have at least a week’s worth supply in stock.
  2. Try to avoid probable fall and fire risks. Often times, seniors will take off their wet boots, once they arrive home, and walk around the house in socks. Be sure to add slip-proof pads throughout the house, give them shoes to put on with a firm grip on the bottom, and shovel/put salt on the walkways and driveways to refrain from slipping. Also, check to make sure that the carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are fully stocked with batteries near fireplaces and stoves.
  3. Watch their nutrition. Having a balanced diet, filled with lots of Vitamin C and D becomes even more crucial during thGeriatric care tips Westland MIe wintertime. Encouraging geriatrics to stay active and exercise around this time of year helps keep them fit and healthy.
  4. Dress warm. Wearing layered loose-fitting clothing, along with a coat, scarf, hat, and gloves is always a great idea. Dressing wear and comfortably protects the elderly from the cold weather.
  5. Create a winter plan. Establishing a procedure on what to do when an emergency happens is highly suggested. Have an emergency bag packed with clothes and medical necessities, just in case they are needed. Providing your elder with a “senior-friendly cell phone” that has emergency contact numbers already stored in it is recommended as well.

If you are looking for a geriatric specialist near you or want more helpful tips for the elderly, be sure to check out Westland Clinic’s doctors. Dr. Michael Silverstone is very committed and would love to be of service for you. Contact us today!