Mammogram Testing at Millennium Medical Group West

During a mammogram, your breasts are examined by X-rays to detect early breast cancer. The purpose of a doing a mammography exam is to help early detection, diagnose breast diseases, and reduce breast cancer deaths . Mammograms are commonly used because such tests help identify cancer early on, even if the patient does not have any symptoms.

At the Westland Clinic, we offer mammogram testing. Typically, a mammogram system comes in a box that holds a tube in which X-rays are made. This system is used for examining breasts with special tools to hold, compress, and position the breasts so that all angles of the images can be seen. Westland Clinic Mammography

Although X-rays are the oldest form of medical design, it is still the most used in hospitals and in clinics. Getting your body examined exposes your body to a tiny dosage of ionizing radiation. This allows for the X-rays to produce pictures from the inside of your body.

If you are interested in getting a mammogram done today by one of our Medical Clinic Doctors, please feel free to contact our Westland location at 734.728.2130.