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May 4th is Melanoma Monday

Melanoma Monday

May 4th is Melanoma Monday. Each year the American Academy of Dermatology designates the first Monday in May as Melanoma Monday. On this day, we encourage everyone to learn about melanoma and other types of skin cancer.  The American Academy of Dermatology and Westland Clinic in Michigan also wants everyone to perform self exams. This is very important because this can lead to early detection.

Most Important Thing To Know About Melanoma May 4th Melanoma Monday

 Warming Signs : ABCDE 

Check (A) asymmetry. If your moles are asymmetrical, then you should  seek medical attention.

(B)Border: You should seek medical attention if the border looks uneven.

(C) Color: Several shades of color in a mole is a warning sign.

(D) Diameter: Does your mole has a diameter of 6 mm or more? This is another warning sign.

(E) Evolving: How is the mole changing? Is there any discharge coming from it ? Does it itch? These are signs and if you have them you should seek medical assistance.

Are you experiencing any of these signs. If so, you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately.