Kicking Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October has arrived, and that means along with Halloween decorations, Pink is everywhere! October is known across the world as Breast Cancer Awareness month. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about breast cancer. We want to do our part and make you aware of how important breast care is for both women and men. 

Importance of Breast Screeningbreast cancer awareness mamograms

Staying on top of breast care is very important when it comes to reducing the risk or spreading of Breast Cancer. There are various screenings such as mammograms, breast ultrasounds, biopsies, or self-exams that can alert you if breast cancer is a concern.

Self Breast Exams

Each month you should lie on your back and perform a self-breast exam. To examine your right breast, raise your right arm and roll towards your left until your breast is flat on your chest. Using your index, middle, and ring finger make small dime sized circles. Increase and decrease pressure as you go making sure to thoroughly feel each area of your breast. Switch hands and repeat the process on the opposite side.


After discussing the best age to begin with your doctor, women should begin getting an annual mammogram. A mammogram is an x-ray of your breasts. This can help to identify any abnormal formations under your skin.

Breast Ultrasounds

Breast ultrasounds are usually the first go to for concerns regarding masses in your breasts. As a safe screening option, younger women can receive a breast ultrasound. Speak with your healthcare provider for more information regarding breast ultrasounds.


After either a breast ultrasound or a mammogram, your doctor may want to do a biopsy. If a mass is found, a biopsy will inform your care provider if the lump is cancerous or benign. Although being told you have a lump may be nerve-wracking, not all lumps are breast cancer. A biopsy will give confirmation of whether or not further procedures are necessary.

For more information on breast cancer screening, contact us today!