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Flu Shots in Westland

Flu Shots at Westland Medical Clinic

It’s time to get your flu shots at Westland Clinic! Flu season occurs in the fall and winter of every year. In January and February, flu activity peaks. Will you be prepared for this year’s flu season? Every flu season is different and vaccines are determined based on what the most common flu strain for the season will be. This is how we make sure that each yearly dose vaccinates you for that year’s flu strain.

Who should get the flu shot in Southeastern Michigan ?Westland flu season

Everyone who is 6 months or older should get the flu shot. Westland Clinic has two different types of flu shots that our medical clinics are distributing during this flu season. The type of flu shot you will get is determined by your age.  Anyone under 6 months is too young for the vaccine. Don’t let flu season start without you getting the flu vaccine. Make an appointment now. 

Don’t forget that October is breast cancer awareness month!

May 4th is Melanoma Monday

Melanoma Monday

May 4th is Melanoma Monday. Each year the American Academy of Dermatology designates the first Monday in May as Melanoma Monday. On this day, we encourage everyone to learn about melanoma and other types of skin cancer.  The American Academy of Dermatology and Westland Clinic in Michigan also wants everyone to perform self exams. This is very important because this can lead to early detection.

Most Important Thing To Know About Melanoma May 4th Melanoma Monday

 Warming Signs : ABCDE 

Check (A) asymmetry. If your moles are asymmetrical, then you should  seek medical attention.

(B)Border: You should seek medical attention if the border looks uneven.

(C) Color: Several shades of color in a mole is a warning sign.

(D) Diameter: Does your mole has a diameter of 6 mm or more? This is another warning sign.

(E) Evolving: How is the mole changing? Is there any discharge coming from it ? Does it itch? These are signs and if you have them you should seek medical assistance.

Are you experiencing any of these signs. If so, you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

3 Ways To Stay Healthy on Vacation

The best part of spring and summer is the vacation. It is possible to keep up your normal healthy routine while on vacation with these 3 vacation tips.

1) Bring a refillable water bottle.

Often times, the price of water at theme parks or other venues can be marked up tremendously. The high prices of water may deter you from your normal routine of drinking 8 ounces a day. Bringing a water bottle that you can fill up before you leave Doctors At Westland Clinic your hotel can save tons of money and keep you healthy and hydrated.

2) Get Your Required Vaccinations

Are you traveling overseas for the first time?  Does your location require certain vaccinations? The doctors at Westland Clinic recommends that you get all of the required vaccines before leaving home. This could save your life.

3) Use Your Surroundings

Missing your normal work out routine? No problem. Get your daily exercise by walking around an amusement park, a local nature trail, or the gym in the hotel.

Have a healthy and happy vacation. Make an appointment for a wellness check or to get vaccinated before you leave at the Westland Clinic in Michigan today!

Why You Must Get Vaccinated

Diseases that were almost extinct are resurfacing because people are not getting vaccinated. The measles is one of them. Symptoms for the measles can appear around 10 to 14 days after exposure to the virus. The symptoms for measles include fever, sore throat, runny nose, inflamed eyes, and dry cough. Other physical symptoms include a skin rash with large flat blotches and tiny white spots with light red centers inside of the mouth. The complications from measles includes pneumonia , ear infection, encephalitis, bronchitis or pregnancy problems. This all can be prevented by a simple vaccination.

vaccinations in MichiganThe new measles outbreak at Disneyland is raising questions about the measles virus and implications of vaccinations.  Vaccinations save lives! The benefits of vaccinations far out way the minuscule negative side effects from them. Before vaccinations in Michigan are given to children, they go under careful review by scientists and healthcare professionals to ensure that they are safe. The pain , redness, or tenderness at the vaccination site is minimal compared to the pain and discomfort from diseases. Getting vaccinated does not only protect you, but it protects the children who are not old enough for vaccinations. Get vaccinated at Westland Clinic in Michigan!



3 Tips on Helping Elders Enjoy Holidays

The holidays are a time when the entire family comes together. This is also the perfect time to check on the physical or mental well being of older relatives when they come over to visit from nursing homes for the holidays. If you are having older friends or family come over for the holidays, spend some time planning ahead to make their visit comfortable.

Here is a list of 3 tips to help your older relatives have an enjoyable holiday!

1) Prepare your home

Be weary of rearranging furniture. Simple changes can cause confusion or anxiety in seniors. Eliminate obstacles that may make it difficult to move around. Remove slippery rugs that could cause falls. It is also advised that you keep a quiet area available  where older family members can go to have a break.

2) Plan inclusive activities

Older family or friends whose memories are impaired might have problems recalling more recent events. To include them in the conversation, you can suggest that they talk about the past. You can use old photos, family videos, or music to help them recall the past.

3) Alcohol and Medicine

Even though the holiday season can be chaotic, it is important to encourage elderly relatives to stick to their regular medication schedule. It is also important to remind your older family and friends about the type of negative effects that alcohol consumption can have when mixed with certain medications.

Westland Clinic is a medical clinic or center that specializes in care for geriatric patients in Michigan.  On behalf of our office, we want to wish you a happy and safe holiday!

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