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Flu Shots in Westland

Flu Shots at Westland Medical Clinic

It’s time to get your flu shots at Westland Clinic! Flu season occurs in the fall and winter of every year. In January and February, flu activity peaks. Will you be prepared for this year’s flu season? Every flu season is different and vaccines are determined based on what the most common flu strain for the season will be. This is how we make sure that each yearly dose vaccinates you for that year’s flu strain.

Who should get the flu shot in Southeastern Michigan ?Westland flu season

Everyone who is 6 months or older should get the flu shot. Westland Clinic has two different types of flu shots that our medical clinics are distributing during this flu season. The type of flu shot you will get is determined by your age.  Anyone under 6 months is too young for the vaccine. Don’t let flu season start without you getting the flu vaccine. Make an appointment now. 

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Start the School Year Healthy!

Getting ready for the new school year can either be exciting or tedious for students. Each year brings new clothing, new shoes, new backpacks, new teachers and a whole new personality. In addition to all of that, you also have to ensure you send your child back to school healthy.

The first day of school for most students will be starting in about a month or so. It’s a good thing to stay up-to-date with your children’s vaccinations especially if they’re younger because it helps them develop a stronger immunity against diseases. Because they are constantly in contact with other children and germs, kids are more vulnerable to viruses so it’s harder for them to prevent illnesses.

If your child is about to start preschool, vaccinations are required up until the age of six. By not immunizing a child, others in contact with the child are also at risk. Children are not the only ones who need vaccinations, teenagers and adults should also keep up to date on immunizations such as tetanus or influenza. . Keeping your health record current is always the best option regardless of what age you may be.

Along with vaccinations, it is also time for student athletes to get their sports physical for school. Athletes will not be permitted to play or try out for any athletic sport without it. So call our office today to set up an appointment for vaccinations or sports physicals before summer ends. Stay hearty, live healthy!

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