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National Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes can be a crippling disease if it goes unchecked. Diabetes causes problems with the production of insulin in the human body. Diabetes can affect the pancreas and its ability to produce insulin. Insulin is needed to help with the storage of fat and sugars in the body.

Type 1 Diabetes

There are different types of diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes which was also known as juvenile diabetes, is usually found in children. Roughly 5% of all people with diabetes are Type 1. When diagnosed early, children are thought how to handle and maintain a healthy lifestyle while living with Type 1 Diabetes. It is estimated that 1.25 million Americans have Type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes in America. The problem is diabetes causes your blood glucose levels to rise higher than normal. It is also known as hyperglycemia. Your pancreas just cannot keep up and keep your blood sugar levels under control.  Type 2 diabetes can be somewhat controlled with healthy eating and being active. Also, it is known to get worse over time if not treated.

Diabetes Awareness Month

The Diabetes Awareness Month is a way to help people learn about diabetes and promote a healthy lifestyle to help prevent diabetes. Get a regular checkup with your doctor and make sure to be more active. By being more active, eating healthy and stop smoking you can reduce your risk for diabetes. Over 30 million people in the United States have diabetes, and if your family has a history of diabetes, you may be at higher risk.

There are certain risk factors when it comes to diabetes such as:

  • American Diabetes Association Being Overweight
  • 45 Years or Older
  • Having Family History
  • Not Being Physically Active
  • Having Prediabetes

This is just some of the risk factors. Your race also plays a part in it, Hispanic, African Americans, American Indians, and Pacific Islanders are at higher risk. Vist us today to find out more about diabetes and what you can do to prevent it.