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Kicking Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October has arrived, and that means along with Halloween decorations, Pink is everywhere! October is known across the world as Breast Cancer Awareness month. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about breast cancer. We want to do our part and make you aware of how important breast care is for both women and men. 

Importance of Breast Screeningbreast cancer awareness mamograms

Staying on top of breast care is very important when it comes to reducing the risk or spreading of Breast Cancer. There are various screenings such as mammograms, breast ultrasounds, biopsies, or self-exams that can alert you if breast cancer is a concern.

Self Breast Exams

Each month you should lie on your back and perform a self-breast exam. To examine your right breast, raise your right arm and roll towards your left until your breast is flat on your chest. Using your index, middle, and ring finger make small dime sized circles. Increase and decrease pressure as you go making sure to thoroughly feel each area of your breast. Switch hands and repeat the process on the opposite side.


After discussing the best age to begin with your doctor, women should begin getting an annual mammogram. A mammogram is an x-ray of your breasts. This can help to identify any abnormal formations under your skin.

Breast Ultrasounds

Breast ultrasounds are usually the first go to for concerns regarding masses in your breasts. As a safe screening option, younger women can receive a breast ultrasound. Speak with your healthcare provider for more information regarding breast ultrasounds.


After either a breast ultrasound or a mammogram, your doctor may want to do a biopsy. If a mass is found, a biopsy will inform your care provider if the lump is cancerous or benign. Although being told you have a lump may be nerve-wracking, not all lumps are breast cancer. A biopsy will give confirmation of whether or not further procedures are necessary.

For more information on breast cancer screening, contact us today!

Flu Vaccinations Available in The Westland and Livonia Area

Flu Vaccinations

A flu vaccination is essential for your family to help prevent the flu virus in your home. Nobody likes to take time off work or school because of the flu. So prepare your family this year by getting a flu vaccination in your area as soon as possible. The elderly, pregnant women and young children are highly recommended to get a vaccine because they are considered high risk. Flu can cause long-term conditions in high-risk patients.

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccines Not Recommended

This year, the nasal spray vaccines are not recommended, and only injectable shots should be used. The flu vaccinations have been updated to help combat the influenza A(H1N1) virus. The bad thing about the flu virus is it is constantly changing. Each year the CDC monitors and updates the vaccine as needed to help combat the virus.

At Westland Clinic, we suggest you should get the vaccine before the flu starts spreading in your local area. After you have had the vaccination, it takes about two weeks for the antibodies to develop to help fight off the flu virus. The timeline is usually by the end of October for your vaccination. Some children or elderly may require two doses of the vaccination. There is a reason that this time of year till about January, it is labeled as “Flu Season”. Do not be one of the victims of the flu virus, get your vaccinations today.

It is estimated that 9 million to 35 million people each year in the United States come down with the flu. Do not be one of those sick patients, schedule your appointment today at Westland Clinic for your flu vaccination. We offer flu vaccinations for all of Westland, Livonia, Garden City, Canton and the surrounding areas. Some insurance even covers the cost of a flu shot. If you have questions give us a call today at  734.728.2130.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Coming this October is breast cancer awareness month. Every year, breast cancer affects millions of women all across the country. Make sure to schedule an appointment for your annual checkup every year.  Also take the time to visit great charity organization such as the Susan G. Komen foundation, that helps in the research and prevention of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Month Events In Metro Detroit

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016 In Metro DetroitOctober is right around the corner, and with October bring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For anyone in the Metro Detroit area who has ever been touched by breast cancer, October is more than a month of awareness, it’s a month to give back. At Millennium Medical Group, we want to keep you looped to local events in the Metro Detroit area that you can get involved in to help fight Breast Cancer.

The first and most important thing you can do is to get screened for breast cancer. Getting an annual mammogram will help you detect the early signs of breast cancer and can help increase your chances of beating breast cancer. There are new guidelines to breast cancer screening, and if you’re over the age of 45 you should get annual mammograms.

Ways to Give Back This October

Here are some other events going on in the Metro Detroit area to support breast cancer research and survivors:  

Bras for a Cause

October 1st 2016

Royal Oak Music Theater

This auction and fundraiser is a great way to help give back to cancer research. There will be live music, great food from local restaurants, and the highlight of the evening: The Survivors Fashion show! For tickets and additional details Click here

Red Wings “Hockey Fights Cancer” game:

SAT, OCT 29 at 7:00 PM

Detroit Red Wings vs. Boston Bruins

Show up, enjoy one last season at the Joe Louis arena, and help in the fight against breast cancer.

Plus you get to watch the Red Wings, win/win


The American Cancer Society has their annual walk-a-thons to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.

Events in the Metro Detroit Area:

Sign up for any of these events through the American Cancer society’s website.

So get out and show your support, but most importantly get your yearly mammogram and help spread awareness.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Getting Screened For Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which for some can represent strength, hope, and for some survival. This is a disease that affects mammography screening locations1 in every 8 women in America and is the second most common form of cancer in women. That is why this month is dedicated to promoting and educating women about getting screened for breast cancer. Many women don’t know that finding an abnormality in your breast tissue isn’t a death sentence any more. The National Cancer Association says that “When breast cancer is detected early (while in the localized stage) the 5-year relative survival rate is 100%”

The only way to know if you run the risk of having breast cancer is to talk to your doctor and to get tested.

When should you get tested?

If you are a woman who is in her mid 20’s to early 30’s the American Cancer Society recommends you receive a screening every 3 years.

If you are a woman who is over the age of 40 you should be tested every year to make sure you don’t have the early stages of breast cancer.

How do they do the test?

The most common way to test for breast cancer is by getting a Mammogram (or mammography as it is also known). Which uses low-doses of radiation to take x-rays of the breast tissue. A radiologist will assist with the procedure and your doctor will interpret the results.

If you want to read more about mammograms click here.

At our Westland and Livonia Medical Clinics we offer mammogram services for you or a loved one, and encourage you to take the time to get screened for possible breast cancer.

Knowledge is power, and power comes from knowing if you are at risk. Catching it early can help prevent the spread of the cells and possibly save your life. Please call us at Westland Phone: 734.728.2130 or Livonia Phone:  248.474.2220 to schedule your appointment today.

Flu Shots in Westland

Flu Shots at Westland Medical Clinic

It’s time to get your flu shots at Westland Clinic! Flu season occurs in the fall and winter of every year. In January and February, flu activity peaks. Will you be prepared for this year’s flu season? Every flu season is different and vaccines are determined based on what the most common flu strain for the season will be. This is how we make sure that each yearly dose vaccinates you for that year’s flu strain.

Who should get the flu shot in Southeastern Michigan ?Westland flu season

Everyone who is 6 months or older should get the flu shot. Westland Clinic has two different types of flu shots that our medical clinics are distributing during this flu season. The type of flu shot you will get is determined by your age.  Anyone under 6 months is too young for the vaccine. Don’t let flu season start without you getting the flu vaccine. Make an appointment now. 

Don’t forget that October is breast cancer awareness month!