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National Public Health Week April 4th-10th

Get Committed To Your Health!

The first full weekend in April (4th-10th) is National Public Health Week, a week dedicated to improving the health and wellness oNational Public Health Weekf our local communities and beyond. According to statistics in America we are living 20 years more than our grandparents, but still not as long as other wealthier countries. Here at Millennium Medical Group West in Westland and Livonia our Medical Clinics strive to improve the health of everyone who walks through our door. We want you to leave feeling better, or be on the right track to feeling better.   

In honor of the National Public Health week, we want to help you create your health goals for 2016 and beyond.

General Check ups/ Yearly Physicals:

When was your last general check up or yearly physical? Do you have any aches or pains that you need to get checked out? Any yearly exams that you’ve been putting off? Early detection is is one of the best preventative medicines out there, and getting your annual screenings and checkups should be a top priority!

Getting in and getting tested!

They say that knowledge is power, and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to prevent issues or complications is knowing what’s going on. We offer testing services at each of our locations that will give you peace of mind on your health.

Creating a health plan

Smiles, apples
Little changes in routine can help improve your health. Let us help you create your health plan!

Once you make an appointment to see one of our doctors and complete your recommendations and all your tests, next we will help you create a plan that will get you on the route to health. We will pinpoint where your goals are, and help create steps for you to achieve them. We can help with your long-term health goals,  pain management, and much more.


We here at Millennium Medical Group West offer services in Livonia, Farmington Hills, and the greater Westland area. We’re here to improve your quality of life and get you back on your feet.


So for this National Public Health Week, take some time and give yourself the gift of health and make an appointment! Contact us to set up an appointment in Westland, or consult with our Livonia Facilities