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Sports Physicals Are A Must For Student Athletes!

Although the school year has just recently came to an end, student athletes are already preparing for next years sports. Many schools will conduct athletic conditioning, scrimmages, or even tryouts during the summer months ensuring their teams are 877665_sport_balls_1prepared for the first game after school begins.

Regardless of which school district, or even sport a student participates in it is required for all students to receive a school sports physical. Each year student athletes must obtain a physical before they are allowed to practice with the team. Schools use sports physicals as a tool to ensure medical history is on file, as well as ensure the student does not have any health limitations that may prevent them from participating in the sport.

Millennium Medical Group does provide sports physicals forms to patients, but it is extremely important to check with your school’s main office to ensure they do not have a specific form they require you to complete. Each school district has a different deadline in which they require athletes to complete their school sports physical. If you do not have it on that date you will not be able to participate until you complete the sports physical.

Obtaining a sports physical is a very quick and easy process. With the athletic screening taking only about ten minutes. Because there are many student athletes in the Metro Detroit area, sports physicals are in high demand as conditioning is getting ready to begin. Schedule your child’s school sports physical now, will ensure they have it in time!