Have a Healthy Holiday!

As the days grow shorter, the temperature is starting to get cold. Winter starts this month and even though we might have a few warm days, it is just as likely to snow.  The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to be prepared for the holiday festivities than to be healthy for […]

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes can be a crippling disease if it goes unchecked. Diabetes causes problems with the production of insulin in the human body. Diabetes can affect the pancreas and its ability to produce insulin. Insulin is needed to help with the storage of fat and sugars in the body. Type 1 Diabetes There are different types of diabetes. […]

Flu Vaccinations Available in The Westland and Livonia Area

A flu vaccination is essential for your family to help prevent the flu virus in your home. Nobody likes to take time off work or school because of the flu. So prepare your family this year by getting a flu vaccination in your area as soon as possible. The elderly, pregnant women and young children are highly […]

Back to School Physical Exams and Health Tips

After a long summer of hanging out with friends, eating snacks throughout the day, zoning out in front of the TV and staying up until the wee hours of the night, kids are in for a huge adjustment as they return back to school. Most times, children need help when it comes to making that […]

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are very common among children, teens, and adults. Whether you are a professional athlete or play pickup games on your off days, you never quite know when you may obtain a sports injury. Unfortunately, any type of injury can set you back, but due to the adrenaline and momentum put into playing sports, a […]