Common Sports Injuries

It’s never good or fun to be injured, causing you to be out of a game. Depending on how severe the sports injury is, will determine what further actions need to be taken. At Westland Clinic, our goal for kids playing sports and athletes is to help minimize the effects of injuries. We also want to […]

Treatment for Sun Poisoning or Severe Sunburn

You’re at the beach, enjoying the salty breeze, crisp air, and beaming sun. With all of the excitement, sunscreen becomes a thought long forgotten, whisked away by the glory of summer. Hours pass and you notice that your skin is highly irritated, blotchy, and red. Your arms, legs, and face are stinging. The misuse of […]

Warning: Heat Exhaustion and Heat Strokes

Ever been exposed to high temperatures to the point where you feel dehydrated? Horrible feeling, isn’t it? Heat exhaustion is no fun. You aren’t able to partake in events, activities, and other things because of the overpowering heat from the sun. Typically, for this illness, there is two types of heat exhaustion: salt depletion and […]

Summer Sun Safety

The summertime is quickly approaching. Most kids like to spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, so it’s always best to make sure that they are getting the proper sun burn protection for their skin. Taking the right precautions from over exposure to the sun can reduce you or a child’s chance from […]

National Public Health Week April 4th-10th

Get Committed To Your Health! The first full weekend in April (4th-10th) is National Public Health Week, a week dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our local communities and beyond. According to statistics in America we are living 20 years more than our grandparents, but still not as long as other wealthier countries. […]